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You MAY:
~Recolor any of my work.
~Edit slots, rigging, tuning, warehouse stuff, etc.
~Use my mesh as a starting point for your own creation
~Include the package files in CC folders for builds.
~Share edits and recolors on your site for FREE
~Share recolors you make on another site for FREE

Please credit APS for the original mesh/item

You may NOT:
~Use link shorteners such as adfly,,, tinyurl, etc to share edits or recolors of my work
~Put recolors/edits behind paywalls
~Claim my work as your own
~Re-upload my work, unedited, on other sites.

Why don't I allow link shorteners to be used with my content?
Link shorteners can be dangerous. They can distribute malware and spyware, leave tracking cookies on computers to gather data, slow down the web, etc. Some URL shorteners use scareware ads, which we all know not to click, but accidents happen. And on top of that, the person clicking has no idea where the link will take them or if it's safe.

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Over 400 recolors Edited bed mesh from Seasons Expansion Mattress only, bed not included Works with the High School Years update Have you ever

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1.1k City Living

APS Physical Therapy Set

29th Nov 2022 at 1:00am


APS Invisible Desk/Table

9th Sep 2022 at 10:35pm

11.2k Seasons

APS The Better Bedding Pack

5th Sep 2022 at 8:16am

1.1k Discover University

APS No Fear Desk

27th Aug 2022 at 5:00pm

2.4k Island Living

Island Bed Tropical Recolors

22nd Aug 2022 at 12:11am

1.1k Discover University

APS Zyser Desk

21st Aug 2022 at 7:50pm

1.9k Get Famous

Separated & Flat Tools

9th Nov 2021 at 4:25am

2.5k Eco Lifestyle

Colortastic Lines

20th Jul 2021 at 4:25am

4.2k + 1 GPs

Floral Parenthood Shower Curtain

19th Jul 2021 at 12:06am

3.8k + 1 GPs

Butterfly Curtain Parenthood Shower

15th Jul 2021 at 6:19am

6.4k + 1 GPs

Parenthood Shower Separated!!...

15th Jul 2021 at 12:59am

3.5k + 1 GPs

The Leopard Seating Set

1st Jul 2021 at 10:36pm


Rainbow Wings Pictures

27th Jun 2021 at 8:19pm


Stroke Of Color Canvas

26th Jun 2021 at 10:03am

6.8k Cats and Dogs

Stylish Food Mats

25th Jun 2021 at 5:57am

2.7k City Living

Stroke Of Color Rugs

22nd Jun 2021 at 9:24pm


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