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  • Best of the Best Award with Improved Range

    by JK11 16th Aug 2006 at 10:25pm

    Hello all! more...

    + 1 EPs/SPs 12 38.3k 32

    Game Mods » Object Mods » Enhanced Maxis Objects

  • *New Mesh* Killing Scythe Object

    by JK11 23rd Apr 2006 at 12:20am

    Hello everyone, This is a scythe which comes with several death options for your sims: Old Age, Satelite, Disease, Fright, more...

  • **New Mesh** Interactive Pile of Sand

    by JK11 1st Jan 2006 at 11:42pm

    Hi everyone. This is a pile of sand that your toddlers can play with. more...

  • **New Mesh** Decorative Halfpipe (Skateboarding Ramp)

    by JK11 29th Dec 2005 at 2:55am

    Hi everyone. Here is a halfpipe, or skateboarding ramp, for your Sims. It is decorative only. more...

    16 13.7k 6

    By Function » Decorative

  • Three Teen Volcom Shirts

    by JK11 26th Dec 2005 at 4:21am

    Happy Holidays everyone! more...

    4 7.9k 1

    Male » Everyday » Teen

  • Wooden Surface Recolor for NucaMica Table

    by JK11 20th Nov 2005 at 11:25pm

    I decided to make a wooden surface for the NucaMica table, because the Maxis surfaces aren't too great. more...

  • *Request* Half-Life 2 Posters

    by JK11 19th Nov 2005 at 4:20am

    Here it is, posters of Gordon, Gman, and Alyx from Half-Life 2. more...

    10 8.9k 6

    By Function » Decorative

  • *Request* Painting by Magritte "The Son of a Man"

    by JK11 14th Nov 2005 at 4:51am

    Here's the second picture in Rocket000's request. It is another painting by Magritte. more...

  • *Request* Painting by Magritte "Time Transfixed"

    by JK11 14th Nov 2005 at 4:44am

    Here it is! more...

  • The Sims 2 Logo Bedding for Double Beds

    by JK11 10th Oct 2005 at 4:53am

    This is my first bedding recolor. more...

  • By Request - Jack Vettriano

    by JK11 9th Oct 2005 at 11:41pm

    Niecey630 requested this, so here it is, a picture of Jack Vettriano. more...

  • Monty Family Portraits

    by JK11 9th Oct 2005 at 6:56pm

    Here is another collection of portraits, this one on the Monty family. more...

  • Capp Family Portraits

    by JK11 9th Oct 2005 at 6:48pm

    Here are some portraits of the Capp family. They are recolors of the "Suspense" picture, which costs $475. more...

  • Brooklyn Bridge Picture Collection

    by JK11 9th Oct 2005 at 4:37pm

    Here's my newest recolor, two pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge. more...

  • Dark Blue Swim Trunks for Adult Males

    by JK11 8th Oct 2005 at 4:26pm

    Here are some dark blue swim trunks. more...

    2 5.3k

    Male » Swimwear

  • FBI Outfit -Adult Males Only-

    by JK11 8th Oct 2005 at 1:42am

    This leather jacket has "FBI" written on the back in yellow letters. Great for storytelling. more...

    7 7.8k 2

    Male » Everyday

  • Robard Manor *Fully Furnished* $122,626

    by JK11 8th Oct 2005 at 1:04am

    This 3 by 3 lot costs $122,626 and comes fully furnished. more...