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Milk Maid - New Mesh

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2006 at 4:02 AM
Updated: 24th May 2006 at 12:38 AM - Adding Keywords!
"Where are you going to, my pritty maid?
I'm going a-milking, sir, she said,
Sir, she said, sir, she said,
I'm going a-milking, sir, she said."

This is my first original mesh. I was flipping throught my old nursery rhyme book that I found in the basement yesterday and came across the above rhyme with a illistration of a milk maid. So when I decided to learn how to make new clothing meshes today I thought I'd start with the milk maid in my old book. And this is the result.

I need someone to test out my mesh in their game and let me know if it works. It works fine in my game but I'm not sure if I packaged the mesh right.

Feel free to recolor, just as long as you give me credit for the mesh and it would be great if you provided a link to my web site http://www.fancifulmind.com/sims as well.

**Don't forget that you must download the mesh file to get the dress to work in the game. I put the texture and mesh in seperate files to make it easier for people to recolor using their own texture.

You will be able to find recolors of this mesh at my web site Fanciful Sims like this one:

Let me know what you think! :wave: