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The Gypsy Girl

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Uploaded: 11th Nov 2005 at 5:00 AM
Updated: 24th May 2006 at 1:18 AM - Uploading the Correct files!
The Gipsy Girl

"COME, try your skill, kind gentlemen,
A penny for three tries!"
Some threw and lost, some threw and won
A ten-a-penny prize.

She was a tawny gipsy girl,
A girl of twenty years,
I liked her for the lumps of gold
That jingled from her ears;

I liked the flaring yellow scarf
Bound loose about her thoat,
I liked her showy purple gown
And flashy velvet coat.

A man came up, too loose of tongue,
And said no good to her;
She did not blush as Saxons do,
Or turn upon the cur;

She fawned and whined, "Sweet gentleman,
A penny for three tries!"
-- But oh, the den of wild things in
The darkness of her eyes!

~Ralph Hodgson (1917)

This poem inspired me to used the great new mesh that came with nightlife to make my own gypsy girl. Notice the intricate celtic design on the scarf ties around her waist and the silver broach clasping her sash. This dress also showes up in the elder section in my game, although I didn't make a seperate one for elders. Let me know if it is available for your elders too.

I love hearing feedback so please leave me a comment!

*UPDATED- Uploaded correct files on 11/13/05

*You can also download the entire sim from the exchange: