Wantfulfilling Paintings (Part 3)

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Uploaded 20th Jan 2006 at 3:00 PM · Updated 20th Nov 2006 at 9:43 PM by gwillewyn

I said I wan't going to do any more of these, but then my Fortune Sim rolled some more stupid wants.
Go here and here for my other wantfulfilling paintings.

All unique registered GUIDs, so they won't interfere with anything in the game. They show up in the catalogue of the item they are impersonating.
They behave like paintings, but fulfill the want of the item they are depicting.

coffeepainting.zip - Fulfills the want to buy a coffee machine. There is more than one kind of coffee machine in the game, and I'm not sure if wealth sims will roll wants to "buy a coffe machine costing at least ..." or not. If they do I haven't seen it yet, therefore this picture costs just §120.
dishwasherpainting.zip - Because of the "costing at least ..." this painting costs the same as the expensive dishwasher. Still handy for medieaval themed houses.
foodprocessorpainting.zip - §120, fulfills the want to buy a food processor.
microwavepainting.zip - §120. I couldn't remember if there are several kinds, or if sims are critical to the price.
trashcompactorpainting.zip - §120, there's only one kind, so sims don't fuzz about price.
barpainting.zip - Costs §1850, should cover all bar wants.
KitchenPaintings.zip - Contains all the abovementioned files.

dresserpainting.zip - Costs §1000. I think that's the highest price sims demand of dressers.
hottubpainting.zip - Costs §8000, same as the most expensive hottub, but takes considerably less space.

AllPaintings.zip - Contains all abovementioned files, all my previous paintings and a handy collection.

I think I can pretty much assure you all I won't be doing any more now, mostly because I'm leaving for Hong Kong on Tuesday and will be there for 4 months, while my computer remains in Norway.

Edit: Added bar painting.

Feel free to recolour, clone or make your own similar items.

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