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1800s Style Family Home

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Uploaded: 7th Apr 2006 at 12:07 AM
Sale Price: ~$121,000
Furnished: Yes
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1

Requires Custom Content!
Coal Stove by numenor

Do not upload anywhere other than this site, unless you remove numenor's stove and credit me for designing it! But NO PAY SITES!

This house has been my work in progress for several weeks now, and I finally finished it! I liked it so much, that I thought other people might too! And if you don't feel like reading the tour, I can just tell you that there is no electicity to speak of in this house, so there is very little lighting. You will need to download the Christmas pack for some of the candles to work. There is no TV or computer in this house, kind of hard to run those kinds of things without electricity. ;-) If you want to bring it into the modern era, feel free! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the house, and if you would like to add to the landscaping, feel free! As that is not my forte as you can see! Hopefully these screenshots will turn out right. Right now the house is stuck in night mode, it keeps reverting when I go to options mode. I did get one topview in daytime, but maybe the darkness gives it some class. If you know how to fix the day/night thing, tell me! If you need a better view, just message me or comment!

Now that we're finished with the formalities, let me give you a guided tour through this lovely abode. I'm April, your tourguide. If you please, do not touch anything unless you intend to move in.
As you walk through the cast-iron gate and through the French Doors at the front, you will see a large wooden staircase leading up to the second level. This first room that you see is well equipped with a fireplace, bookshelves, and a piano for those family evenings. However, you really should turn in early, as there is no electricity out in these parts, and you will be guided only by candlelight! This room to the right that you see, is a kitchen that is well equipped for family meals. There is even an icebox for storing your food! As you can see, there is no trashcan, as you can use your trash for fuel for the coal stove. Exiting this room, you will see that there is one other room on the ground floor of the house. This is the dining room, which is perfect for those family meals, or impressing that private school headmaster!
As we continue up the stairs, you will see that there is a table set aside for the children to do their lessons on, right in front of a window for extra lighting. This room you see here is a quaint little nursery, decorated in yellow, just in case you happen to have a girl. It can be easily converted into a bedroom, though I am afraid there is not room for more than one bed. This second room is another bedroom for your strapping young boys. It's really just the basics, but it really has a calming feel to it. Across the hall you will see the entrance to the master bedroom. This room has a full length mirror and a four post bed from New England! And this last room is the pride of the house. This is an indoor bathroom. This house is one of the first with indoor plumbing. But it was hard to find indoor outhouses and baths that could use indoor plumbing, so there is only one bathroom. Let's go back downstairs so I can show you the backyard! The backyard has a sitting area and an easel for those creative adventures and the entire house is surrounded by a bed of flowers, though you may need a gardener's help to take care of them all. The yard has plenty of space for a driveway for your horse or maybe even one of those motorized vehicles I keep hearing about! Well, this concludes our tour of the house. I do hope you would consider buying it!