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Quaint Starter Home with Carport(No custom content needed)

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Uploaded: 15th Jul 2006 at 7:54 PM
Price : 19,961
Lot Size: Medium
Bedrooms:1 or 2
Bathrooms: 1
Furnished: With only the necessities
Garage: One carport and room for a second car

Custom Content:None!

This is an original design by me! It has everything you need for your new family to thrive. It is furnished with enough items to keep your sims happy for awhile. The kitchen has a refridgerator, stove, sink, counter, and trash bin. There is a dining area with four chairs. There is a love seat set opposite from a tv. The bathroom has a toilet, sink, and tub. There is also a double bed. One room is left unfurnished. Perhaps it could be a bedroom or a study. That is up to your sims. There is ample space for a backyard, but I left the furnishing up to your sims. Plenty of space for your cars for your sims, if they can afford it. Overall, I'd say this house is perfect for starting out in, then selling for something bigger, or you could even expand on it, the lot is big enough!

Even though the design is very basic, Please Please Please don't redistribute!

Photos included are the layout, two front views, a back view, and a view from neighborhood(I like my lots to look good in that view too, not just when you enter the lot!).

If you have a Nightlife lot request, feel free to pm me. I'll take them as I can.