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Sal's Dingy Diner (NL)

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2006 at 7:56 PM
Updated: 21st Nov 2006 at 3:06 AM
Hey there, folks! Welcome to Sal's Dingy.. heh.. I mean.. dynamic.. Diner! Get some good 'ol cookin in this lovely, inner-city grease pit! Heck, you can bring the kids too! Let the whole family have some fun chomping down one of our Lard Burger Specials, and later go on the old-fashioned (and old looking) parquet floor and dance the night away with our jukebox that works 50% of the time! Yes, that's right.. it works 50% of the time!! That's better than you'll get anywhere else, folks! Come to Sal's today, and we'll be sure you have a real great time.

Disclamer: Please note that any injury, ie: loss of eyesight, limb, hearing, heart function, liver function, circulatory flow, brain functionsm, or life are purely at the liability of the consumer. Legal action cannot be used to achieve a result from previous deaths.

No custom content required, though I think that using bogart61's vintage poster's would be really cool. (I did in the version I made for myself,with all the custom content) Also, Retailsim's Down the Alley set and CityScape are good for sprucing up the outside of your diner, to make it more "dingy" A good set of trashed up items would be good too for this lovely old diner.

It's a 2x2 community lot.

Happy simming!