Moi's dT bild009 Rouge Grocery Store

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Lot Name: dT bild009 Rouge Grocery Store


A. Brief Intro:

I'm unsure if this lot should be categorised as a fantasy lot, a weird lot, modern, neo-modern or what... but I see it fits them by all means. I just like it a lot, so there it comes...
Lol, sorry, my brain is on "krak"...:red face:

1.Just be aware of certain Maxis recolours shared in this download, some used repository method and so they need other recolours of the series with a suffix like "-txtr" in order to avoid blue flashing. Normally, the host recolour with the mutual texture is silver (Ag), grey (RGB127127127), or white (RGB255255255 or RGB 223223223) in colour.
2. 2-sided/doubly-sided transparent tile: this type of tile just takes twice amount of resources to run a singly-sided tile. Estimate your need before use.
3. All linked custom contents as shown in Part H are not included.

B. Copyright Issues:
B1. Feel free to decorate/re-decorate it... (Feel free to remodify and if share, you can only claim credits for what you've done on it.
B2. This lot is banned to be for any direct or indirect commercial or trading usage.)
B3. No permission is necessary for redistribution of this lot with proper instruction like this page unless stated.

C. System specifications (when the lot was made):
C1. hack-free
C2. some customised contents (check with the Clean Installer; for authors, credits, and links for infos & downloads, please read part H.)
C3. made without any EP (So, EP what and/or what not required)
C4. Running smooth @ build mode & @ play mode in a system (OS = MS-winxp-sp2; P4 3.0GHz; 1Gb DDR RAM; video card = 8x 128Mb) If any problem, welcome to report your system settings for providing info to other readers.

D. Lot Specifications:
D1. Lot Size: 2 x 2
D2. Lot type: Community
D3. Price: nil

E. Building Specifications:
E1. Major Theme: neo-modern.
E2. Major Colourational Style: white and red for the overall.
E3. Major Structural Characteristics: twisted arch, mix of fantasy-like objects and modern elements
E4. Building Motivation: aesthetic usage = efficiently functional usage

F. File Decompression & Install Tips:
F0. Whether the furnished or the unfurnished version, only 7-zip (.7z) has been used unless specified.
F1. unzip the zip downloaded file with zip-supported compressor or above or else by right-clicking and "extract...(whichever way)"
F2. you'll find a file with an extension ".7z" or called 7-zip. just decompress/extract it as if it's "rar" or "zip" when WinRAR >=3.41, 7-zip-manager >=3, IZArc >=3.5, power archiver >=9, ZipGenius >=6 or else... by right-clicking and "extract...(whichever way)"
F3. double click on the sims2pack to open it. To install it with Clean Installer is recommended coz you can choose what to install to avoid unwanted or redundant contents installed into your game system.
F4. Installation of a lot without ensuring the presence of the corresponding terrain paints can be destructive to the lot files.
F5. [No restart of the game] is needed to [install a lot in sims2pack file] and [access the installed lot @ "house bin"]. The trick is by any means to have your neighbourhood screen reload. Say, entering a lot and go back to the neighbourhood screen, or switching to another neighbourhood. After a neighbourhood screen has reloaded, the installed lot will appear in the house bin without the game restart. This is true when the Clean Installer is used.
F6. Floor tiles, wallpapers, terrain paints have to be installed earlier than or at the same time as the lot is installed for them to show up in a lot.

G. Play-tips:
G1. Whenever geting a new house, you can scan and choose for things in the package with Clean Installer before installation
G2. You can ALWAYS check the playability of the lots to your system @ lot-building mode in the neighbourhood screen before playing them.
G3. Should you need, you can play-test it with the cheat "BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled (True/false)".

H. Credits, links and authors:

000-artists (NOT included)

Spotlights - All Versions

Moi's recolours for Numenor's Maxis "Lost & Found" #4: The Matte Sphere (Numenor(MTS2)-SphereMatte_sphere_Moi-Cthru-R255G000B000-r002; Numenor(MTS2)-SphereMatte_sphere_Moi-Espark-RY2; Numenor(MTS2)_SphereMatte_Moi_Ag0004 for the stand)
Moi's recolours for Numenor's Wall-windows 20060313 update (Wall-boundry recolours; Numenor_WallWindow_(Standard+Seamless)_Moi-frame001-ds-002-Plastikrouge)

"WallWindow" glass set V.3 - *NEW GARAGE DOOR* (Basically all sets)
Miscellaneous - Maxis "Lost & Found" #4: The Matte Sphere (Numenor_SphereMatte_GrayAndGlass, blue electric sphere)

Ascension V2 - more colors (and recolorable)

The Mod Squad
Welcome To The Weirdo Zone
("magical" plant, Cat-in-the-hat Tree, Bizaro mirror (the sun-like one); Wonka Tree and kickable plants are only used in the furnished.) (Pink Floyd's recolour)

As for those floor tiles, Maxis recolours, wallpapers, and terrain paints with "Moi_" prefix, they were made/"sim"-ulated by this lot author. Thus, they're provided with the lot "as if" any other free things. Credits are not to be claimed on but these floor tiles, wallpapers, and terrain paints are regarded as the world public's things. So, feel free to use them however and redistribute them wherever with no permission needed, except that file renaming or any direct and/or indirect commercial or trading usage is prohibited. (included) CEP by Numenor is necessary for the Maxis recolours to work.

Tags: #weird, #fantasy, #modern, #neo-modern, #mini-grocery, #store