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Requested model 1, multiwear-Facial FX & skin s3F-INevo4 MTSv

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 21st Apr 2008 at 3:03 AM
Updated: 22nd Apr 2008 at 12:17 AM - have to delete INSIM link to my other post there

This is a model sim requested by FreshhChik

Along with this model, I also include some of my new multiwearable facial makeups

they are expected to give my F-INevo4 more personality.

I will create some more of these sets to further personalize the facial feature of a
sim created with my F-INevo4 skin set.

the skinset included with the package is:
s3 F-INevo4 MTSv (a medium tone barbie waist down in my F-INevo4 texture)

there are some other CC packed with this sim:

the eyeliner is (#12 - Opium) by Bruno
Bruno is the biggest makeup and ligeries supplier here at MTS2, thanks Bruno

the lipstick is (kill me softly V2) by dragonmandy
this lipstick is one of the most beautiful set I've ever found, big thanks to Dragonmandy

the dark line just under the eyes is (dark circle - pale) created by simmenroute,
thanks alot for all your facial FX Simmenroute

the eyeshadow is (1225 - shadow - taupe) by Helaene
this eyeshadow is one of my fav since it blends naturally with almost all skin, can can be used
for both male and female sim, thank you Helaene.

The sim is packed with a default hair like shown in this bodyshop picture,
wearing a basegame clothing.

however the curly hair showed in the ingame screenshot is a free hair from SAU (myosfhair14)
thank you MYOS and SAU for all the beautiful hairs

and the clothing used in the screenshot is a beautiful recolor of outerwear by Grito @ MTS2

happy simming,


Custom Content by Me:
- requested model sim 1
- F-IN brows black5 by navetsea
- eyesBlackF-INevo4 by navetsea
- freclkles F-INevo4 by navetsea
- F-IN big pores by navetsea
- F-IN nose glow by navetsea
- F-IN lip corner glow by navetsea
- F-IN cheek glow by navetsea
- F-IN cheek shadow by navetsea
- s3 F-INevo4 MTSv by navetsea

Custom Content Included:
- #12 - Opium - Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno
- kill me softly V2 by dm by Dragonmandy
- simenroute -- dark circles -- pale by Simenroute
- helaene - 1225 shadows - taupe by Helaene