Albasim Airport Terminal -6x5-by request

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Uploaded 29th Aug 2006 at 8:55 PM · Updated 30th Aug 2006 at 12:45 PM by patul : link to tech area

6x5 community lot
Tested - hack free - Clean instaler checked

As requested by dogman I made something like the Albany international airport terminal.

Front : 4 entrances

Rear : tarmac and planes

Ground floor : wait room, public phones, loading and customs

1st floor : Fashion shop, commercial offices.

2nd floor : bar, cofee shop and restaurant.

3rd & 4th floors : They are empty (see attachments) and actually have no access, a square room at the 2nd floor is availlable to place an elevator.

- floor (awning roof) : Moonlight_Muse
- upper floors : niol
- bathrooms floor : kittyispretty

- walls : corvidophile2
- deco walls : :elchriso, brighten11 & :,

- wallwindows set, radiotelescopes, water towers : Numenor
- windows : Reflex
- round windows set : JWoods, recolor by ailias (see below)

- doors : Eclectic expression by macarossi
- rear windows, commercial objects : simland mall set by olemantiker

- lighting signs : atavera
- lights : klarsicht42
- fences 1 light : Ailas

- satellite antenna : boblishman
- planes : crocobaura

3 floors 2 walls by me.

* Petreak decorative cars are not packaged.

In spite of andi8104 great work, lots cannot be expanded to reach the size of a landing ground so i made the technical extension of the airport (available here). With this extension it is a 12x5 huge lot !
Sure, you can play it alone, the extension is only for a visual effect.

Have stratospheric fun