*Testers Wanted* Fully Animated/Functional Soda Pop Vending Machine

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Uploaded 27th Sep 2006 at 2:51 AM · Updated 19th Mar 2009 at 1:52 PM by -Maylin-

Hello, boys & girls! Today I bring to you something I have always wanted! And let me just say it has been an amazing learning experience making this I had a lot of fun but could also say that if I pulled one hair out for every time I tested this in game and had to fix something new, I would be bald ! I know PC-Sims made one but it wasnt exactly the style I wanted it. I made a decorative version a while ago, it was really ugly! Now that I am experienced I have reached my fantasy/goal of making it functional (something that at one point I thought was impossible)

Echo - For letting me clone her Cauldron ( I did this because I could not get the pie menu strings to work for an end table) so I asked her permission to clone both her potion and cauldron from the harry potter set and she let me! She also helped me when editing the BHAV; she is such a kind person! Go say thanks on her work because she really derves all you can give her
Smonaff - For his/her help on making the sims money decrease and for trying to help me with other things!
Tiggerypum, DiscordKitty, PFish, ToRnAdO - For their kind motivation

You may include this in your lots as long as credit is given.
This is placable on both Community and Residental lots! Handy, aren't I?

Must extract both files included for this to function properly.

Redistribution Policy
You may:
*Recolor (note: to recolor you must clone this object and give it a new GUID, because recolors will not work if its not a cloned object one) Please post recolors on MTS2 ONLY!!

Do not:
Upload this ANYWHERE. Please do not steal my work. I put a lot of time into this, and it is not right taking the credit for my hours and days of back-breaking work.

How does this work?
Well, I'm glad you asked !

1. Sim walks to the vending machine
2. Sim chooses drink (please ignore doorbell sound) BTW your sim gains fun when pushing the buttons :D
3. Sim loses 50 simoleons (hehe, expensive, I know)
4. Sim picks up the drink from compartment
5. Sim walks away and places it on a surface (the can)
6. Click on the can and tell sim to drink/clean it (raises hunger when drinking)
7. Sim disposes the drink once you tell him/her to

EP Compatibility *TESTERS WANTED*
If you have no EPs or if you are missing an EP, please test this object. I am not all that sure what EPs it works with, so for now I will leave it requiring base game only. Please give me feedback on problems you have with this or if it is working in your game.

Vending machine: 168
Can: 516

About Age Groups
Yes, your child sims, teen sims, adult sims, and elder sims can all use this! Yay!
Buy Mode
Find this under Electronics/Miscellaneous for 1250 simo's.

I wish you lots of fun with this object! I hope you read the text above, aswell.

Here are some illustrated details :

Note just to make sure: Both files included in .zip

Style: Retro Contemporary
Room: Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #Functional, #Vending, #Machine!, #Yay!