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Cheese Subs - New Lunch For Your Sims

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Uploaded: 25th Aug 2006 at 4:31 PM
Everyone really wanted me to get back to foods; and I had these ready a few days ago; I worked on them for like 3 days a while back (while as in a few days ) These ARE FULLY animated And come in 3 eating stages. Its kind of confusing adding the animations because I have Milkshape on my other computer and I have to be transfering files through Hotmail, but its well worth it

This is a new food for lunch time and is available in the pie menu when you sim has enough food skills to make the Lunch Meat Sandwhich

So basiclly all thats in these delicious subs is:
Cheese, Tomatos, Lettuce, Mayo, Bread (Healthy stuff)

Every mesh has been modified except for the plate. This food has a new preparation stage mesh, and everything else :P