Beach House

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Uploaded 30th Sep 2006 at 3:32 AM · Updated 14th Oct 2006 at 4:01 AM by Komodo Jo : Adding Cost and Lot Size

Hello again, this is another one of my attempts to make a “good” house that others may want to use. This is a Beach House that is built on the shore of Bluewater Village. It is built on a 3x3 Medium Sized lot and costs $210,744 to purchase.

This Does Require Both The "Glamour Life" and "Family Fun" Stuff Packs In Order For It To Work Properly.

Important: In order for the water to work properly in the lot, it must be placed on one of the shore lines on the edge of Bluewater Village.

I used all of the expansion and stuff packs to create this house so be warned. This house was something I made just for fun and to perhaps, have fun with in the game. It took me quite a long time to get the boat launch to slope properly *sighs* “thank god that’s done”.

Pictures of Interior:

Back View of House

Master Bedroom

Kid’s Room 1

Kid’s Room 2

Boat Launch

Garage and Boat Launch

Living Room

Sitting Room


Secret Office (Top Floor)

Custom Content Included:

Targa’s 2-tile Designer LadderStairs:
boblishman’s Secret Door - Sliding bookcase
Fresh-Prince’s Emachines T6532 w/ 17'' LCD Monitor
birgit43’s office set (scanner/printer)
gromit’s patio tables
Numenor’s WallWindow glass set V.3 Garage Door Only
roddyaleixo’s Invisible Driveway & Extensions
mickyss’ Speed Boat
Rythela‘s Speed Boats Recolors
macarossi’s The Eclectic Expressions Set
zedrik’s Communal Shower Recolour Black Only
the_blue_wyvern’s Acura NSX

Have fun with the house. I am open to any thoughts and/or comments that you have. So tell me what you think! If there is some positive feed back, I may consider making a few more beach front houses for your entertainment. Enjoy….