"New Roman" Hair for Males (All Ages!) *UPDATED*

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2006 at 10:19 AM
Updated: 2nd Jul 2013 at 8:04 PM
Yup, you saw right, another hair mesh for males! Yay! Pretty simple, but sleek and sexy for older sims, cute and practical on younger ones. Perhaps nothing jaw-dropping, but men definitely need more simple, versatile hairstyles, and there wasn't anything quite right in this shape that I could find. Yet again, 100% handpainted textures and brand new mesh bits (except the scalp).

It is available for all ages: toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder, with the same colours for all ages (no grey elders!)

I have uploaded the mesh separately from the recolours: make sure you grab both files! The contents are labeled so you can delete any recolours you don't want. All shades have fixed brow colours (black for the silver and wine, blonde for the white, all appropriate brows for the natural colours) and the natural shades work genetically, in the correct colour bins.

Edit: Updated! Because nobody seems to appreciate my large texture snobbery, I have reuploaded with normal size textures, for smaller files. I still like the old ones, but you people living under rocks using dialup convinced me to switch them. If you downloaded the previous ones and want smaller files, they have the same filenames, so they'll overwrite.

If you are a texture snob like me and have a decent computer with a good internet connection and you would like the double-size texture version, you may download the binned natural colours here and the unbinned unnatural colours here. I also have high res versions that are NOT binned in the natural colours which can be downloaded here. Only grab one version of the naturals if you get the bigger versions: binned or unbinned, not both. No, I will not do unbinned versions of the smaller textures, nor will I do zip versions of anything... ever.

1000 polygons, 672 vertices. Shouldn't be any major issues... some slight dark lines where the mesh parts come together that's a bit more noticeable on light colours, a little sparkle at the back of the neck on children/toddlers during some drastic animations, and you may see the background behind a sim's head if looking directly into the face (moreso on child/toddler) - I didn't want to correct for that too much as I wanted it to work on wider faces/fatter cheeks. Lemme know if there's anything more major than these tiny little things that only really bug a perfectionist like me.

Please don't comment if you're just going to request something: I don't take requests unless otherwise noted.

Model Credits: You can download my model, Corvus, or check what content he uses here.