Gralilarian Valley Trading Post (NL Req)

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2006 at 1:23 AM
Updated: 21st Nov 2006 at 2:19 AM
Welcome to the Gralilarian Valley Trading Post!

We travel back to the Gralilarian Valley, first seen in my last update, the Lodge, as we come to the Commerce station. Harboring the valley's finest resteraunt and bar, the Frisky Fruit, this trading post has much more to offer.

Situated in the midst of the Gralilarian Valley, this post shares the Lodge's sence of security and connection to nature. This center has plenty more room for shops and stalls; They're blank now though for continued development. So hitch up your stallion, and ride over to the Gralilarian Valley Commerce Post!

The Frisky Fruit Resturant and Pub (furnished)
3 large spaces for more stores

Credit List:
Cabin Wall: Nengi65
Straw Roof: Mutske (Could not find a site/link to this creator, if you can tell me I'd love to know!
These are all from Mickyss
Hippieaystrem Plant
Rotadenadron Plant
Fern Plant
Maidenhair Plant

Note, this is largely left unfurnished, becuase I didn't want to waste time filling it with modern day items when I'm just going to fill it with medieval items. I'll post pictures of how I finish it later though.

Thank you and Enjoy!

Lot size: 4x3