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Martina's Column [$89,491] (Townhomes) (NL Req) (No CC)

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Uploaded: 24th Nov 2006 at 4:37 AM
Lets face it, not every sim can afford their own home. But why buy your own, when you can rent a townhome! This block of four, lovely made apartments, sits on a single property. Each home is the same, except for the back two being a row smaller than the front two.

Each has 3 upstairs rooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and main room. There is a courtyard on each side of the long, single driveway. Each house is perfect for a single sim, or a small family.

Situated on a 4x4 lot, these townhomes cost together $89,491. No custom content is included/required.

Please do not upload my work anywhere else, or claim it as your own.

Thank you, and enjoy!