Four Vibrant Recolours of H.Lin's TSR001F Mesh

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Uploaded 25th Dec 2006 at 11:25 PM · Updated 26th Sep 2008 at 6:28 AM by ShuuNeko

I ran across this style on this Sim download and thought it uber cute. I decided right away I wanted to play with it... So I did. =D What a way to spend my Christmas, ne. Ah, well.

These colours aren't natural for several reasons. One, H.Lin (who is at TSR) has already done some realistic hair colours for her mesh. Two, one of my neighbourhoods houses my manga project sims, and thus I like using colourful hair for them, but I don't seem to have enough.

The colours are green, purple, honey, and garnet:

The hair shows up for teen through elder. There are three elder colours: a pale green, pale purple, and pale honey. The pale honey is set for the elder of the honey and the garnet because a) the garnet is based on the honey anyway and b) I was sick and tired of having to recolour all the texture files and got a bit lazy.

Just for clarification, these are recolours, not retextures. I suck and can't do retexturing of hair. *koff*

The screenshots *points down below at them* have a picture of the adult colours and of the elder colours and two shots of a teen with the hair... I didn't do all four with the teen because it looks just like the adult and I thought it'd be redundant.

The recolours were made in the Pets Body Shop which means they most likely require Pets to work.

I hope you enjoy them. ^_^ If you do, be sure to hit the thanks button or to leave a comment. Comments = <3. Bai~

Hair Style: Punk/Streaks/Crazy Colours Anime
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Bin Type: Unbinned
Age: Teen Young Adult Adult Elder

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