*UPDATED 8/29/2008* A Giant sized Jesus statue with new "preach" interaction(new mesh, new interactions)!

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2007 at 3:57 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 8:30 PM - needed to add a new package
*Update* I've updated the mesh for this object.

Hi All,

I needed a larger version of the Jesus statue for my church, and I needed to add a preaching animation to it, so I created this larger statue with the added animation. I had debated on wheather to just add this to the first Jesus Statue thread, but decided that, due to the new animation and size and the fact that it has no recolors and no low poly version, that this would be an object independent of the first one.

A few things to know, here. The poly count for this statue is a little high. For slower systems this object may cause slow down in your game. I have not made a low poly version of this at this time, but will if needed.
Also, for this release, I have fixed a lot of glitches that were occuring or had the potential to occure with the first Jesus statue. I posted the fixed file for the smaller Jesus at that thread.

Face Count =4012 (about 1000 per tile)

New interactions:

Pray for Forgiveness
Curse God (Updated animations, even funnier)
Praise God
Plead with God
Preach to anyone who will listen!

Please do not repost or post recolors of this object without my permission

All meshes and interactions used in this object are my origenal creations.
If you like this object, please take time to leave some feedback and say thank you. I enjoy your feedback very much.