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Aunt Agatha's Cottage

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2007 at 8:29 AM
Updated: 20th Jan 2007 at 11:57 PM - Edited file

The Story-

Aunt Agatha lives in a charming little home in the countryside, where she surrounds herself with nature and the finer things in life. Or at least, she used to... we're not really sure where she is right now. We're also not sure what happened to her dog, her car, her birds, or the spare key that she kept hidden under the planter near her front door. In fact, we're not really sure of much of anything, except that it's sometime in the early 20th century, and that even though the television probably hasn't been invented yet, Aunt Agatha has one in her house. Maybe that's why she vanished...

...or maybe she's just on vacation. It doesn't matter, because she left this great house behind, and until she returns, it's all yours!

Lot Details-

Size- 3 x 3

Price- ยง108,300

Custom Content (Not Included)-

Please note: Although the bulk of this house was furnished using 4eversimfantasy's antique sets, none of their content was included in this lot, as it would violate their upload policy. To download their amazing antique furniture, follow the links below:


Additional custom content that was used but not included:

From: http://avenidasims.com

-Classical Radio 001 (electronics)
-Perfume bottles (decorative, other, 2)
-Misc. books (decorative, other, 2)

From: http://moonsims.asi.org/dh-sims-site/sims2index.html

-Decorative plate (Victorian set, 'Sets' pg. 1)
-Brass table lamp (Rosewood set, 'Sets' pg. 1)
-Plant, curtains, rug, armchair (Romantic set, 'Sets' pg. 1)

Custom Content (Included)-

The following custom content is included with the lot:

From: http://www.tarox4sims2.de/

-table lamp

From: www.modthesims2.com

-Antique phone by HystericalParoxysm
-Monticello panelling by Melly Sim
-Short and tall pedestal planters, foxgloves, irises by Macarossi
-Old-fashioned TV by Xanathon
-Invisible endtable by redeth20

Final custom content note: although I did not include this in the lot, the invisible driveway availabe here would go very nicely with the "fake" gravel driveway that I included with the house.

My Policy Thingy-

Yeah, you know the drill... this isn't an object or a clothing mesh, but I would still really appreciate if you wouldn't distribute it anywhere. It's still a piece of art, and I worked very hard to create it. Go ahead and use it to your heart's content in screenshots/stories/movies... credit is always nice, but not required.