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BodyShop Replacement Poses

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Uploaded: 9th May 2007 at 12:13 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 10:11 PM by Nysha

BodyShop Poses - for use with BodyShop Mechanic v .16B or later

You can get the latest version of BodyShop Mechanic here:

Thanks to Wes Howe, for explaining to me how to do this.

Released May 8 2007

To install these poses:

Unzip them into your folder ...My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config\

Then you will find them on the list of poses next time you run BodyShop Mechanic.

Select the one you want to use on the drop-down list, and run BodyShop.

The mannequin will now use your selected pose in place of the default hands-on-hips pose.

The arms-straight-out pose that you get by pressing [F6] will still be available.

To change poses, you must quit BodyShop, select the new pose, and run BodyShop again.


To make your own pose files for BodyShop:

First understand that these are actually in-game animation files - BodyShop will use them for poses, but only the first frame of the animation. In other words, BodyShop will not actually play it as an animation, it simply uses it as a static pose.

What you want to do to start with is to use SimPE to look through the animation .package

The main one is in C:program files\EA Games\The Sims2\TSdata\Res\Sims3D\Sims00.package

Each expansion pack has some more in it's own folder too.

The names will start with a letter, indicating the age of the Sim it is meant for:

a = adult (also for young adult and elder)
t = teen (there are not very many for teens, since they can also use the adult ones)
c = child
p = toddler

The rest of the name has some indication of what it is.

So, extract anything that looks interesting into a folder somewhere. Be sure to give it a recognizable name, SimPE wants to give it a name of numbers, and you won't know what the heck it is later.

Also be sure to extract a bunch of them - many have interesting sounding names, but since BodyShop only uses the first frame often they will just be the starting pose, the Sim just standing there. Especially avoid any of them that say "start" in the name. The ones with "loop" or "end" or "stop" in the name usually are good to try.

When you have a bunch, open one of my "pose" .packages in SimPE Don't do any "fix integrety" or anything like that, just immediately save it with a new name.

Be sure the name starts with "CasieAnim" just like mine do, and then your own name on the end.

This is so BodyShop Mechanic will recognize it as a pose file.

The part at the end of the name will be shown on the drop-down, so don't make it too long.

Inside the .package you will see four files on the list, again with the age indicator letters at the start.

Right - Click on the one you want to replace, then choose Replace on the pop-up menu.

Replace it with one of your extracted animations, and that's it! Just commit and save - again do NOT use fix integrety. That will ruin the file and it won't work.

You can change all 4 ages, or just one, but be sure the files for all 4 ages are still in the .package

You don't need to change the animation's name once it comes into SimPE either. Except if I use an adult animation for the teen age (which I did in all of mine) I do change the "a" at the beginning to "t" just so I can tell later that it is really the one for the teens.


That's all there is for now, I hope you find these useful and/or entertaining.

Dr Pixel