Professor R.J. Lupin

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Uploaded: 10th May 2007 at 2:09 AM
Updated: 14th May 2007 at 1:07 AM
I realized that there is a great lack of the great Remus Lupin out there, so I
decided to remedy that. I made him pretty much how he is in the movies, played by David Thewlis, ridiculous moustache included, but I kept in mind the picture I got of him from reading the books too.

I made the scratches on his face as a mask, and the red around his eyes as eyeliner, so he doesn't always have to look like he was a wolf the previous night. His suit has a few dirt and blood spots on it too. His skin has scars on it, and I rather like them. They give him more character.

skin - me, base by nihilin
hair - me (I don't think you need a mesh, but I recoloured hair by fanseelamb, found
eyes - helaene
eyebrows - 3dconsortium, edited by me
eyeshadow -
eyeliner - me
costume makeup - scratches by me; eyebags by mercosims
clothes - me, mesh by Maxis

The wand in the screenshots is from rosesims2; Magic page 1.