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Sensual oriental

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Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2007 at 10:28 AM
Updated: 4th Jun 2007 at 2:47 AM - mistakes
O my, I really donno what style I like more, the gothic or the oriental...
Maybe I love to mix both and the result is a kinda flamboyant fantasy-style all extravagant sims-males will like to wear.

This time I swam again in the rose-scented pool of 1001 sensual Arabian nights indulging in adorments, jewelry and fabrics and my sims-beauties went out like princes.

Okay... enough words... let's walk the talk!

Combi 1 ("1AscOrientWest" + "1AscOrientJeans1")
Opulent patterned silk decorated with golden braids and tassels.

Combi 2 ("2AscOrientTopless" + "2AscOrientJeans2")
What do u need more than delicate heavy brocade trousers, sleeves and a swanky amulet with lapis and coral to feel as lustful as u should be?

Combi 3 ("3AscOrientNLWest" + "3AscOrientJeans3")
Nightly-blue velvet, adorned with braids and luscious embroidery (on the back of the west there's a wonderful Indian peacock-motive, but all of my models have long hair, so you can only see a part of it... so sorry!).

The Bonus!
If u like my style then - please - feel free to show all your sims round Veronaville/Strangetown/Pleasantview that you do!
Here's the "Ascarion's Dark Dreams"-Shirt!!! (It's just for fun, but the background of the portrait inspired me to do all those oriental garments.)
My alter ego wears it together with the "3AscOrientJeans3", so you can see the golden belly-dance-belt better than in "Combi3".

For the "3AscOrientNLWest" you'll need "Nightlife". All the other tops and trousers request only the basic game.

Share my 1001-nights-visions and I hope u enjoy!
Come on, baby, lite my fire!

Additional Credits:
Many thanxx to AtomicSpaceKitty for her great tripple chocker necklace http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=153829
Ascarion's tattooed skin is made by me!