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A curly hairstyle in 10 colours

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2007 at 3:54 PM
Updated: 12th Aug 2007 at 10:11 AM
Hi there

When I saw this lovely mesh I wanted to make some retextures...

It looks pretty much like my hair, so I took some pictures of my hair and tried to make a texture from them...

Normally they are gloriously frizzy and quite a mess ^^ I wanted to use this hair on my Hermione Sim, so that's why I kept it a bit frizzy at the back ^^

In case you feel the colours I provided are not to your liking and you'd like to recolour this texture, I recommend using the blonde version as this was the original...

This hairstyle is for all ages, though I managed to screw up the toddler version... sorry for that :]

The Elder version is always the same grey...

I zipped the colours the way they are shown in this picture:

the first row is the package "curlyhair _blondes-reds" and the second row is the package "curlyhair_browns-black-winered"

All of them have been binned using SimPe...
blondes: platinum, blonde
reds: red-blonde, red, red-brown, winered
browns: light!brown, lightbrown, brown
black: black

All files are named properly so you can delete unwanted files easily

I'm not that happy with the right part of the hair [seen from the sims point of view]... I think it looks too... unnatural... I hope you don't mind, though...

Well... If you like it, please tell me...

Additional Credits:
Of course donnymeloche for his great mesh
Helaene for her lovely eyebrows
bruno for his[?] great lips

The sim is my Alannah.... Every outfit seen was made by me [not uploaded] except for the child's and elder's outfits... That of course was Maxis....