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Georgian Renovated: 1837/2007

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2007 at 1:51 PM
Georgian Renovated: 1837/2007

This beautifully presented detached Late Georgian/Early Victorian property offers spacious living over 2 and a quarter floors, set within mature grounds extending to around 3x4 acres. The period residence is newly renovated and has an ajoined portico entrance as well as sash fenistration and bay frontage with garage and side extension. The garden aspect includes a newly fitted conservatory and mature trees.

Accommodation Comprises:

3 reception rooms, conservatory, breakfast room, WC, single garage, off-street parking for 3+ cars, 4 bedrooms, 2 en-suite, family bathroom, Hall and 1 and a quarter height staircase with feature gallery.


Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $89,999

Custom Content Included:
- Edge Smoother Gray by Ailias
- Georgian French Double Doors by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian Interior Door by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian Palladian Window by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian Shuttered Window by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian Tall Shuttered Window by phoenix_phaerie
- Pedimentary, My Dear! Cornice Pediment by phoenix_phaerie
- Stucco fence by corvidophile2
- Chic Stairs Open Underneath by crocobaura
- Cupressus Mini by xrax
- Cupresssus Sempevirens by xrax
- Brick arch - counter height by Inge Jones
- Brick arch - long by Inge Jones
- Recessed sash window - counter height by Inge Jones
- Recessed sash window - long by Inge Jones
- Road Tree by khakidoo
- "Independent Expression Set" - Single Door by MaryLou
- Slender Birch tree - medium by Nengi65
- Slender Birch Tree - short by Nengi65
- Slender Birch Tree - tall by Nengi65
- WallWindow Seamless Garage Door by Numenor
- PH Brick Fence 4 by poundingheart
- Invisible Driveway by roddyaleixo
- Simnuts101 - Le Petit Trianon One Tile Window by simnuts101
- Simnuts101 - Le Petit Trianon One Tile Window by simnuts101

Additional Credits:
Tre Zillah for the BMW M3 @ SIMS2MODBOARD/PC SIMS