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Nursery Item Recolors to Match my Alien Walls

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2007 at 5:47 AM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 7:44 PM - updated category
After testing some other things I've been working on, I couldn't help but notice just how badly the alien/cropcircle print walls included with my Nursery Walls and Carpets set do NOT match the original Maxis bedding they were based on. And so I thought I should probably remedy the situation in some way. So, since walls that were any brighter green were just way to neon for full walls, and since I'm not really a big fan of the neon green bedding to begin with, I decided to make some recolors of the basic nursery objects that will match my walls.

Included in this set are:
- Recolor of the crib bedding. Should work in any crib or on any object that pulls it's bedding texture from the Maxis default crib.
- Recolor of parts of the changing table.
- Recolor of parts of the high chair.
- Recolor of the potty.

The results on the bedding and fabric part of the table are still brighter than I would like, but this seemed to be about as close as I could get it. It's at least not so screamingly neon as the original as doesn't clash as badly as the original does. I did not change the frame color on the crib, table or chair as I felt the maxis default worked well enough with it. The potty was completely recolored to match/coordinate with the other objects.

I'd love to hear feedback on these items, and if you like them and decide to download them, a quick click of the Thanks button would be nice as well. Please don't re-upload them anywhere, though you are welcome to include them with lots you upload to MTS2 (by preference) or to any other free site with a credit link back here. No pay sites or Exchange please.

Additional Credits:
* Maxis for the crib textures, edited by me, that got me started on this whole matching nursery items kick to begin with.
* The creators of SimPE who made recolors such as this possible, and the many tutorial authors whose works have been of immense help to me in learning to make things for the game.