Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright - The Guys

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Uploaded 23rd Nov 2007 at 9:24 PM · Updated 5th Sep 2008 at 11:27 PM by Izz35178

This is a group (or half of a group) that I've been thinking about making since finishing Trials and Tribulations and then after playing the first one again I decided to go for it. It was a pretty quick project, mostly recolors, though I did make a mesh for Edgeworth and Larry. I intend on making the girls (Mia, Maya, Pearl, Franziska, and Maggie), but they're definitely going to take more time, so I'll probably do a couple more previously announced projects before working on them.

Some notes:
Phoenix Wright
- Maxis base game recolor. Found under Everyday and Formal for Adults. One of his trademarks is his spiky hair and while I was hunting around for anything remotely close I found SynapticSim's Wolverine hair looks similarly spiky.

Miles Edgeworth
- New mesh by me. Found under Everyday and Formal for Adults. I had a bit of a debate over his cravat and eventually decided to take a little bit of artistic liberties and made it a single layer of crinkly fabric since three looked excessive and I wanted to do the crinkly stuff over just texturing.

Larry Butz
- New mesh by me. Found under Everyday for Adults. Kavar's Razor hair works so perfectly for him I swear it was modeled after him.

Dick Gumshoe
- Recolor of a mesh by tomang. Mesh not included in download. Found under Everyday for Adults. Not as stocky as the good detective, but I don't change the builds when I create my own meshes either, so I decided this worked well enough.

Diego Armando/Godot
- Recolor of a mesh by tiggerypum. Mesh not included in download. Found under Everyday and Formal for Adults. Sorry for the minor spoilers. The visor Godot is wearing in the pic is SynapticSim's Movie Cyclops with mesh by funnyycats.

Mesh Policy:
Re-texture, improve, mutilate, my files as much as you want, just throw out a line of credit and keep it free.

Polygon Counts:
MESH_izz_AMedgeworthsuit: 2193
MESH_izz_AMlarrysuit: 2138

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Clothing Type: Everyday Formal
Clothing Style: Modern
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

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