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More Eyes - 4 new Realistic Sharingan eyes & 1 Dune eyes

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Uploaded: 27th Nov 2008 at 9:49 PM

So. Awhile back (I think like 8 months ago, sorry) someone pointed out that the eyes I had uploaded in my previous Sharingan set as Itachi's Mangekyou, are actually Kakashi's eyes. I, because I am half-blind & have no visual memory, could not tell the difference until someone pointed it out. Lol.


You can get the FIRST Sharingan set I made here:
& a Byakugan set I made here:

So here's a set containing Itachi's ACTUAL Sharingan (#1), Madara's Sharingan, Madara's brother's Sharingan, & the combined Madara/his brother Sharingan. Lol, someone requested it.
I kind of tweaked the way the eyes looked a little bit too. I made that choice because the eye patterns would have covered up ALL of the pretty detail painting I did in the eye base. So, Itachi's eye pattern is a lot pointier with light rings in it... & Madara's base pattern is just the 3 spikes (& obviously the same pattern was used for the combined Madara eye). Idk I took a little artistic liberty with it but I think they still come across as exactly what they're meant to be.

I also decided just as a random thing to toss in a pair of Dune spice-addiction eyes I made. They have nothing to do with Naruto but Dune is rockin' awesome anyways & I felt like I did a good job on them. I HAVE OTHER INTERESTS BESIDES NARUTO OMGHOLEECRAPNOWAI. So you get them.

All of the files are labeled in the .zip so if you don't want Dune eyes you can delete them or if you just want the Dune eyes & not the Sharingan eyes, you can delete the Sharingan eyes. I don't care lol.


Due to the context in which these eyes appear in their respective original formats, I have decided that they should not be genetic eyes, but makeup. Reasoning behind this is that the Sharingan eyes are more of a power level than they are actual eye colors.
The genetic base Sharingan (with no levels) is in my first set, here, http://linna.modthesims2.com/download.php?t=192708, so if you should decide that your Sim babies need to be Uchiha all the time it will be possible. Every other eye can be added on as makeup to the base eye, which is just red with none of the level patterns in it. There is also a tweaked Sharingan set in existence where the genetic eye is made Recessive because I felt that was more true to the description of Sharingan... it's on Insim available for free, go look for it if you want it.
The Dune eyes, well, you should read the Dune series? Anyways for reasons obvious to anyone who's ever read the Dune books, the eyes are not genetic.

If you want them to be genetic PLEASE feel free to use my texture & make genetic eyes. JUST DO IT. Lol.
Upload them too, if you want, just not on a paysite & give me credit for the texture. Would be nice if you link back here too I guess.

Okay, so.... the long-awaited addition to the Sharingan set is finally here.