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Default Replacement Zombie - Louis/Ren Matching Blue Rot Skin

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2009 at 7:21 PM

Today I'm going to make you a happy zombie.

Sweet & Simple:
Default replacement Zombie skin.
Matches Louis/Ren skins. Much thanks & love to her for allowing us to do this. Original skin textures & policy HERE
Blue with slight decay (patterned after Maxis Zombie skins.)
T, YA, A, E enabled.
Different textures for fit, normal, & fat.

The Hard Stuff:
Default. Cannot be used with any other Zombie default Skins. Take them out before installing this one or asplody may happen.
Both gender skins have eyebrows, neither skin has naughty bits down south, TF-AF has bellybutton ring, all ages female has nipples. Just like Louis skin.
Zombies only use one face. Did a combo/androgynous face especially for this.

I regularly use Louis/Ren defaults, midtones, & creature defaults in my own game. I wanted Zombies to match - without being disgustingly decayed & rotting.

Enjoy. <3

Additional Credits:
ParasiteX (Default Replacement templates & tutorial), SimPE, Louis/Ren.