11 Recolors of Bienchen83's Rosenvase Flowers

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Uploaded 30th Jan 2009 at 3:59 PM · Updated 14th Mar 2009 at 6:02 PM by Metalrat

Here are 11 several recolors of Bienchen's Rosenvase's flowers and vases.

The reason I decided to make recolors for these simple vases of flowers is because they are the lowest polygons flowers I've ever found, and they still look quite good in game. The single flower vase is only 186 polys, and the double flower vase only 222 polys! Also, the vase can be placed anywhere, on the floor or any surfaces.

I made 5 recolors with colored flowers and white vases, and 6 recolors with white flowers and colored vases (the vases and flowers are unfortunately not seperately selectable).

Included for each mesh:
- Blue flower(s) with white vase
- Orange flower(s) with white vase
- Purple flower(s) with white vase
- Red flower(s) with white vase
- Yellow flower(s) with white vase
- White flower(s) with black vase
- White flower(s) with blue vase
- White flower(s) with gold vase
- White flower(s) with orange vase
- White flower(s) with Pink vase
- White flower(s) with red vase

All files are clearly named.

There are 2 separate downloads available: one for the single flower mesh, and one for the double flower mesh. They are totally independant from one another, so you can download only the mesh and recolors you want.

Getting the Mesh(es):
Once on Bienchen's site (see link on Download tab), click on "Plants", then on "Plants for all". The files to download are named:
- bienchen83_rosenvase1_MESH.rar (single flower in a vase)
- bienchen83_rosenvase2_MESH.rar (two flowers in a vase)

I hope you enjoy

Additional Credits:
Bienchen83, SimPe.

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Room: Kitchen Living Dining Bedroom Bathroom Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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