Affordable Effeciencies

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Uploaded 9th Apr 2009 at 6:17 AM

There are 3 very affordable little apartments to get your Sims started. All Sim needs are met either in the apartment or on the shared common area.
Great space for friends and family to gather and have a little bbq and some chit-chat. You can add a 3rd floor to the apartments if you want to later on when you get some extra cash.

If you want the apartment decorated DON'T FORGET THE CHEAT

I used Aelflaed's 3x1 SunnySide mini-lot get them here:

CC used but NOT included was Guardgian's great bedding - get it here:

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Thank you for looking!

Lot Size: 3x1
Lot Price: $798.00 - $868.00

Custom Content Included:
- Dark Red Dot Wall/Floor by Guardgian
- Red Dot Wall/Floor by Guardgian
- Yellow Dot Wall/Floor by Guardgian
- Providence Daybed by Fresh-Prince
- Sebastian Rug by Fresh-Prince
- Sebastian Rug Recolour 2 by Fresh-Prince
- Sebastian Rug Recolour 4 by Fresh-Prince
- Himawaras matching floor for stuco wall set by Himawara106
- Just a ladder - by Marvine by Marvine
- Just a ladder - White recolour by Marvine
- Arabatic Artwork - Recolour by Kate
- "Arabatics" Artwork - Mesh by Kate
- Path to Meadow - Terrain by Parsimonious
- "Discover" Folding Chair - Mesh by NoFrills
- Folding Chair - Recolour by NoFrills
- "Discover" Folding Chair - Decoration - Mesh by NoFrills
- "Discover" Desk - Mesh by NoFrills
- Discover Desk - Recolour by NoFrills
- Tulips Mesh by Nengi65
- Tulips Pink Recolour by Nengi65
- Tulips Red Recolour by Nengi65
- Faux Finish #002 Wallpaper by CameranutzII
- ModernPrint 2Tile Painting - Mesh by Nengi65
- Abeni Window closed 16.12.08 by ~Dee~
- Abeni Window open 16.12.08 by ~Dee~
- Wall04 Weatherwood Walls by Anna
- Wall10 Weatherwood Walls by Anna
- Wall02 Weatherwood Walls by Anna
- Wall03 Weatherwood Walls by Anna
- Wall09 Weatherwood Walls by Anna
- Wall01 Weatherwood Walls by Anna
- Blue Tile Wall by Erggu

Additional Credits:
~A big thank you to all creators who allow their custom content to be used in lots~

Number of bedrooms: Studio
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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