Tuckborough - 3 hobbit holes

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Uploaded: 8th May 2009 at 9:19 PM
Updated: 14th May 2009 at 12:46 AM
Category: Apartments
lot size: 5x3
Neighborhood: MiddleEarth
furnished: totally
Hobbit Holes: 3
tested: yes, as usual i've tested a clone
ยง: from 1.045 to 1.573

yes, i'm reading for the third time the Lord of the Rings :P

Tuckborough is the centre of the Took homeland where most Tooks dwell. It's in the Westfarthing, the western and most populated part of the Shire.
In italian is translated Tucboro, nel Decumano ovest.

Roof are shaped with CFE cheat, so holes seem to disappear in grass fields.
Of course, holes are season-proof.

Interiors are common to play into, look at the section.
All buy items are all maxis except for the beautiful Antique cooking fireplace by -Maylin -
Holes are full of clutters, as Tolkien described.

To rent an apartment furnished:
* CTRL-SHIFT-C to bring up the cheat box.
* Enter the following cheat: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
* Walk your sim to the front door of the apartment that you want to rent. They need to be standing right in front of the door.
* Clear any actions from your sim's queue - including other sims trying to talk to them.
* SHIFT-click on the door of the apartment you wish to rent and choose "Rent Furnished."
* If the action falls out of your queue, your sim probably needs to be closer to the door.
* Once the apartment is rented, bring up the cheat box again.
* Enter: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false to turn the cheat off again.

Lot Size: 5x3
Lot Price: 1.045 - 1.573

Custom Content Included:
- Round Tablecloth rec in red by fizzbin @ mts2
- Round Tablecloth by fizzbin @ mts2
- choco floor by tribecca at www.tribeccasims2.com
- Waterfall Matching Rock (master) by by Marvine @ mts2
- Waterfall Matching Rock 3 by by Marvine @ mts2
- darkwood floor by Jilly for Syndicated Sims
- pirate bay white wall by Kate @ www.parsimonious.org
- cross wood panel by Kate @ www.parsimonious.org
- wood panel by Margierytka @ mts2
- Manor House Mighty Oak by phoenix_phaerie @ mts2
- "Resplendant Garden" Wild Flowers by Kate at parsimonious.org
- recolour daisy of wild flowers by Kate at parsimonious.org
- grass wall by roddyaleixo @ mts2
- panel wall by Margierytka @ mts2
- ROCKED THREE terrain paint by tribecca @ tribeccasims2.com
- grass floor by roddyaleixo at MTS2
- Hobbit-Hole_Round-Door by JWoods @ MTS2
- Hobbit-Hole_SingleTile_Round window by JWoods @ MTS2
- Hobbit-Hole_TwoTile_Round-Window by JWoods @ MTS2
- GRASSE TWO terrain paint by tribecca @ tribeccasims2
- Antique cooking fireplace by -Maylin- @ mts2
- Antique cooking fireplace recolour by -Maylin- @ mts2
- Liberated Plastic Daisies - Half Tile by HystericalParoxysm @ mts2