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50th Upload - California Avenue Revival

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2009 at 6:53 PM
California Avenue is back!
Well some of you will know of California Avenue and some of you won't, basically in Sims 2 i created a house called California Avenue, i lost it and never managed to rebuild it, it has been requested to be rebuilt many times and has had thousands of views on youtube; so i thought it was about time i remade the house, so i made it in Sims 3! The house is identical in terms of size and placement to the previous house, the plant borders and drive are all the same dimensions! Here is the house:

Outside is a large driveway that can hold 3+ cars, there is a pond in the back garden and landscaped design. Downstairs is a large elegant entrance hall with 3 tile staircase, to the right is the dining room and kitchen, to the left is the library, living room and toilet. Upstairs there are 3 suites, the west suite, the east suite and the north suite, all have large a large bedroom and an en-suite only accessible through the bedroom.

I really hope you guys enjoy this house, this has been a long time coming and i am glad i could finally bring it to you!

Lot size: 40x40
Furnished: $149,545
Unfurnished: $93,441

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the staff here at MTS for their great work, thanks also to all the people who have supported me in building this again!