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Kelly Clarkson

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2009 at 2:27 AM

Kelly Clarkson is one of my all time favorite singers. The first time I ever heard of her was when “Behind These Hazel Eyes” hit the radio stations. It seemed like she was the embodiment of a pop star with the consecutive hits off her sophomore album of “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, “Since U Been Gone”, “Breakaway” (also the album name), “Walk Away”, and “Because of you”. I just love her music, and of course, it helps that she’s beautiful (regardless of how much she weighs). Obviously, I don’t know her personally, but from what I’ve seen and read, she seems like a very nice down to earth person.

I tried my best to make Kelly in the look I liked the best. I always thought she looked great with longish dark hair, and of course, just a tad thinner than she is now…. I mean, if I was making myself, I would make me thinner too…. LOL I loosely based the dress and the jewelry I used off of her look in her music video for her new single “Already Gone”. Also, I would just like to note that she did not “steal” the beat for “Already gone” from Beyonce’s “Halo”. The guy who co-wrote “Already Gone” also wrote “Halo” for Beyonce. She didn’t know they shared the same beat track until it was too late, and the record company wouldn’t pull the song. Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now…. LOL

As far as the sim goes, she is packaged with maxis hair, and a dress that uses a NL mesh…... In this pictures, but not included are the necklace and earrings, from “All About Style”, and the hair by Agustin. She is also wearing a layerable mask in the pictures that is not included due to a dead link. This wont change the way she looks at all, because I realized as i was trying to replacing it in BS for upload that it wasnt even visible because of her other make-up.The skintone is a slight variation of HP’s amazing “Idolatry of Flesh”, however the face is my own photoskin of Kelly Clarkson, and the cleavage is borrowed from Stefan’s skintone that he uses on his celeb sims. I want to give special thanks to Agustin for the hair, and Bruno, for the make-up, and eye’s (which I have recolored to hazel). Agustin’s policies allows for the mesh to be re-distributed with a sim pac, but I had trouble getting it to package correctly, so I just put a maxis hair on her instead. If you want the hair Agustin made that is used in the pics, you have to download his beautiful Adriana Lima, and put it on yourself in BS, or CAS. The dress is a simple recolor of a maxis NL dress. If you don’t have NL, it’s no big deal because it won’t change the sim at all, but the dress just won’t show up for you, so just change her into something else…. As always, please don’t steal, and if you use her for any videos, please let me know, because I think that would be supper cool! LOL Enjoy!

Custom Content by Me:
- Kelly Clarkson Sim
- Hazel Recolor of Eyes by Bruno
- Eyeliner
- Blush
- Idolatry of Flesh Kelly Clarkson Remix
- "Already Gone" Dress Look-A-Like

Custom Content Included:
- Tiikerin Eyeshadow by Bruno
- Superstar Tan Lipgloss by Bruno
- Nose Shading by Simple Life
- Cheek Bone by Simple Life
- Mouth Corners by Simple Life
- Laugh Lines by Simple Life