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Palm Point (under 21k)

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2009 at 2:58 AM
Palm Point | Sims 3 Required

Well, I tried to make a starter this time, and failed. But, I did make a house
under 21k.. barely. Now, that was a challenge. This is a pretty basic little
house with two bedrooms, one and a half baths, (half upstairs, full down) and a
deck. Good for a two pixel dollies.

Main house
- 2 bedrooms
- 1½ baths
- front porch
- large living/dining area

Backyard/rear elevation
- room for garage (connected to home)
- deck area
- room for garden
- room for expansion

Side/front of house
- bay window
- garden
- brickwork/siding
- room for pond

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: 18, 828 UF | 19, 991 F