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Autumn Living

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2009 at 2:13 AM

This house is beautifully decorated in colors of autumn! It is a very warm and
inviting Home. It has an open floor plan, lots of windows, great wood floors,
and a lovely yard. Inside you will find three bedrooms, all of which are
carpeted. One bathroom, a large living room, an open kitchen, and a family room.
If you step outside you will see a large porch, pretty flower beds, and a nice
lawn seperated by a brick walkway. The warmth of this home will make any sims heart melt.

Fully Furnished Price-120,810
Unfurnished Price-48,288

Family Room

I used the following works by Lemoncandy, from his/her Useless Objects Set the "Buyable coffeecup",the "Buyable mailstack",the "saltshaker",the "decorative bowl", the "watering can", and the "TV remote".
I also used Lemoncandy's "Red Rose Vase", "Callalilies in white",
"Leaves in an Orchid Vase", "Yellow Flower Barrel" and "Spear Plant" recolors,
from his/ her potted plant recolors.
I found Amiao's "Plants Set Series" from her hanging set, that is also used in this house.
I also used Damnedcitizen's "Tea Orchid in a modern vase", and Fresh_Prince's "Pumpkin" Mesh, they worked wonders for the Autumn theme in this home.

Thank you guys for creating and sharing your works.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 120,810

Custom Content Included:
- Callalilies in White "potted plant recolors" by Lemoncandy/MTS
- Red Roses in a Vase "potted plant recolors" by Lemoncandy/MTS
- Plant Series Paintings by Amiao/MTS
- TV Remote "clutter" by Lemoncandy/MTS
- Green Leaves in an Orchid Vase "potted plant recolors" by Lemoncandy/MTS
- A Watering Can "clutter" by Lemoncandy/MTS
- A Decorative Bowl by Lemoncandy/MTS
- A Coffee Cup by Lemoncandy/MTS
- A Pumpkin by Fresh_Prince
- Mailstack by Lemoncandy/MTS
- Tigervine Plant "potted plant recolors" by Lemoncandy/MTS
- Tea Orchid in a Modern Vase by DamnedCitizen/MTS
- Saltshaker"clutter" by Lemoncandy/MTS
- Barrel of yellow flowers "potted plant recolors" by Lemoncandy/MTS