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Base Game Maxis - 195 Main Street

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2009 at 4:13 AM
After playing the Sims 3 recently, I started feeling a little nostalgic for those 'good old days' and the simple joy of exploring the sims 2 without all that extra stuff. So as a little challenge to myself, I booted up the base game on my old laptop with minimal CC and started fiddling around with the Pleasantview characters. Typically I couldn't help but make-over some maxis houses too! :D

195 Main Street (or Darren and Dirk Dreamer's house) was the first home I decided to tackle. Sure, I've made over this house before with all EPs, but I still thought it would be nice to share this basegame version too for those who don't have them all.

Situated on a 3x3 lot and priced at $52 675, with 2-3 beds and 2 baths the mid sized home is perfect for small families or a couple looking to start one.

Since 195 Main street IS the Dreamer's home in my game, it still retains many of Darren and Dirks favourite things, including a large art room on the 2nd floor. Perhaps Darren will finally realise his dream of becoming a famous artist?

With minimal CC, the home also comes with an outdoor eating area, pool and spa. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing on a hot day after school.
I had a great time creating this home and I hope your sims have just as much fun living it it.
Purchase today and enjoy!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $52675

Custom Content Included:
- Decorative Egg Topiary by Maxoid Monkey (The Sims 2 exchange)
- Epikouros Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger (MTS2)