Prententious Palatial - Suburban Palace Series

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2009 at 6:34 PM
It's september holidays, seeing as i'm an aussie, sooo i have 2 weeks off school!! which means much more time for MTS. .

The Prentenious Palatial

So basically, My lastest upload. Named the 'Pretentious Palatial' ... (basically 2 fancy words for grand. xD). Also part of a series (Suburban Palace), with more similar houses on their way within the next couple of weeks. xD ... Anyway this is a modern (duh) 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom; home. With multiple wooden themed living areas and an open plan kitchen with a mixture of warm textures with tiled goodnes. :P.

House Features:
-3 Bedrooms (2 DBL, 1 SGL)
-4 Bathrooms
-Open Plan Kitchen, Dinning
-Large downstairs study (with rec. activities)
-As well as 2 study nooks, located on the first and second levels
-Formal Living and Dinning Area, with Grand entrance,
-Casual Lounge Room
-Upstairs Retreat
-Multiple Balconies
-Fully Landscaped yard and beautiful driveway/paths
-2 Parking Spaces

It also has a 'open' basement. Which is like a basement, except the ground lowers around it to form some windows etc. Making it like another level. So essentially, when walking in through the front door, you are walking onto the second level, and from there you have an option of going upstairs as well as downstairs. .

furnished: 266,882; unfurnished: 145,725

Custom Content REQUIRED
-the Immodest Pediment , by me.
-Living Stairs Recolor , by tammy_trauma.
-Wood Patterns/Textures , by tammy_trauma.

OPTIONAL (but recommended ) Custom Content
-Mercedes-Benz , by Fresh-Prince.
-Limo , by Sim2Kid405.

I'd love to hear any feedback, so please comment or hit the thanks button.
I also hope to share some of my artwork/paintings here too. Which I should have done soon. .
Anyway, enjoy.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 266,882 [ furnished