Invisible and Almost Invisible Fencing by TB Creations

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2009 at 12:45 AM
Our Story

You may know two users, tomvanroosmalen and VoiceIHear. Well, after some decision making, we have decided to team up and bring you meshes. Thats right, the Home Builder(tomvanroosmalen) is finally going to learn how to mesh. Anyway, for our first upload, we decided to do one of tomvanroosmalen's ideas - The Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence Set
So this is basically just an invisible fence, so therefore, can't be seen. I believe one was created for The Sims 2 as well, so this is my version.

I didn't realize it to start with but have you ever wanted your sims NOT to be able to go somewhere or access something? Of course this can be done... obviously, but only with horrible fences/walls that just end up defeating the purpose in the first place..
Then this fence will be perfect for you.

The fence is available in two versions..
  • the almost invisible fence; and
  • the completely invisible fence

The almost invisible fence, is quite that - almost invisible.
The fence has a tiny white line where it has been placed, this is if you'd rather know where it is. (eg. intending to remove it, temporary purposes, etc etc)

the second version;

the completely invisible fence is the one you can't see at all - and is probably the best for permanent solutions, (having no intentions of removing it)

NOTE - due to the complete invisibility of this fence, I have made the price 1 simolean, this hopefully should help indicate how many squares you have placed it on so far. I do still however reccomend using something for guidance just to know where it's going, what parts have been done, etc etc. (eg, terrain paints, adjacent fences, etc) We also advise this version not to be used in uploads, because if a downloader wishes to edit a lot, it could get in the way, without them knowing what it is.

  • enclosing a pool that was only wanted for decorative use (this idea was the inspiration of this upload)
  • creating an enclosed, but open, yard.
  • closing off areas, indoors and out.
  • for those sim muderers, makes a good enclosure for killing sims - without looking suspicious. ... and this way you get the perfect view. .
be creative, it has alot of potential.

All items have been fully playtested, by both myself and tomvanroosmalen and both work perfectly in-game. (as seen in the screenshot below)

No sims were harmed in the making of this mesh

Invisible Fence: 1$
almost Invisible Fence: 2$

Can be found in:

You will notice that there is 3 different files for you to download. They are clearly labeled. There is a rar each for each Fence, and there is a rar with both, for your convenience

Happy Simming
TB Creations

NOTE Our process is as follows for this upload, so if you have a question or problem with a particular aspect, it would be easier and quicker for both parties if you directed your question to the right person.

Initial Idea- tomvanroosmalen
Mesh- VoiceIHear
Screenshots and Upload- tomvanroosmalen