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Newspaper Delivery NPC Defaults

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2009 at 8:00 PM
Updated: 16th Dec 2009 at 9:04 PM
This is something I've had sitting on my harddrive for awhile now, doing nothing but collecting dust - I hope someone can find use for it

I never liked the ugly clothes that those poor newspaper delivery kids were forced to wear, so after some fiddling I came up with this:

It's just a simple default replacement - The horrid bright green and yellow had to go, so I replaced it with a more subtle grey and white.

Nothing overly fancy, but I think it's better than the original:

As with all defaults, these will replace the EAxis counterpart - including existing sims already wearing this outfit.

You can only have ONE default replacement of this type. To delete my defaults, just remove these packages from your downloads folder.

Someone asked me for the tutorial I used to make defaults, I hadn't used one at the time so I didn't have an answer. That said, I've found a good one now, so
How to: Defaults by Aelia at Garden of Shadows.