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Shorter Toddler Stage, Longer Child Stage

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2010 at 10:34 PM
Hello! I was reading this thread here on Mod the Sims about how boring toddlers are and completely agreed. Someone mentioned that it would be easy to make an XML tuning mod to shorten the toddler lifespan, so I did. However, I didn't like just cutting the days out of my Sims' lives, so I added the amount taken away to the child stage.

The default length for both the toddler stage and child stage was the value of "1", so I simply made nine mods which change this. They include 0.1 for the toddler stage length and 1.1 for the child stage length, 0.2 for the toddler stage length and 1.2 for the child stage length, all the way up to 0.9 for the toddler stage length and 1.1 for the child stage length.

If what this means isn't clear to you, here is an example. On the normal aging settings, both the toddler and child stages are 7 days. If you use the 0.6 Toddler/1.4 Child mod, you just multiply each by the unmodded length, making it 5 days for toddlers and 10 days for children. The game rounds up, as 0.6 x 7 is 4.2. This can result in an extra day in your Sim's life, but you can age them up using the birthday cake if you'd like.

So, which mod should you use? This depends on how much you dislike toddlers (or like children) and what aging settings you typically use. Those who use longer aging settings should probably use the ones which reduce the toddler stage the most, while if you use the shorter aging settings you probably don't want to reduce the toddler stage too much. I play on the default aging settings and use the 0.6 Toddler/1.4 Child and this is perfect for me. To find out exactly how long the life stages will be with each mod for each life stage, just multiply! You may want to experiment a bit to get the best fit.

This mod should not conflict with anything except any other XML tuning mods which edit the length of any life stage. Be sure to only install one at a time. It would be a good idea to download several versions and change them when you change your lifespan settings, though. If you have any problems, conflicts, or questions, just ask! I feel like this explanation wasn't very clear, but I don't think it's very difficult to understand anyway. I hope you enjoy having your Sims be toddlers for a shorter time!