Phunctional Phones for Community Lots *no longer needed* Buzzler's mod does it all!

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Uploaded 26th Jun 2010 at 6:27 PM · Updated 18th Jan 2012 at 12:24 AM by Winterhart

These mods are for JcHnd. These 2 small mods make the Table Phone and Wall Phone available on Community Lots. Now your Stylist Sim can chat with friends with out running up their cell phone bills. If your Cell Phone is dead and you need a ride home you can call a cab from various places around town. Put phones anywhere you please.


These mods are only for the base game phones and should work for all EP's and HLS. I am unable to make a mod for HLS phone because I don't know how to get in to HLS objects.

These mods are made by altering the object files and will conflict with any mod that changes the object files for these 2 phones.

I will take requests for other objects to be made available on Community Lots or Community objects for Residential Lots.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to JcHnd for the idea for this mod.
Thanks to the creators of S3OC and S3PE


Tags: #phones, #community lot, #pay phone, #emergency phone, #chat while at work