High End Lots Stuff Phone Now Available on Community Lots *no longer needed* Buzzler's mod does it all!

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Uploaded 5th Jul 2010 at 5:38 AM · Updated 14th Jul 2011 at 7:11 AM by Winterhart : obsolete mod

This mod is no longer needed to have the phones available on community lots. Buzzler's Build/Buy Restriction Choker mod makes everything available on both community and residential lots.

**This mod requires HELS**
When I created the mod to make Phunctional Phones for Community Lots
I didn't know how to get at HELS and Ambitions objects to mod them too.
I just learned how to do that. So here is the Right On! Cordless Phone
available for your Community Lots.

This mod was made by extracting and altering the OBJD file of the
Right On! Cordless Phone and will conflict with any mod that alters that file.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the makers of S3OC and s3pe.


Tags: #phones, #community lot, #pay phone, #emergency phone, #chat while at work