Mrs. Maybell's Cottage -Starter-

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Mrs. Maybell was a cheerful woman, who loved her gardens and her bingo games. After her husband's mysterious death concerning one foul-smelling wheel of cheese, she inherited this small cottage. Feeling the cottage too small for her gardening tastes, she put the house up for sale. The price for this house is §15,766 with all furnishings, and §10, 713 with just the basics. There's room for two Sims, and the house is built on a 15x15 lot in armiel's Builders' Island, located at The Sim Supply.

Roof by Qbuilderz -

Edit: The left two chairs on the dining table give route errors. Sorry about that. Moving the table outside will fix it. =]

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: §15,766

Additional Credits:
QBuilderz and Armiel.

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fixtures Only Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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