"Aftermath" Series - Road to Nowhere

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2010 at 12:49 AM
"Aftermath" Series
This is a series of derelict, abandoned style buildings which may include some form of "destruction" to the architecture or landscape. The type of building you might see in apocalypse / disaster type movies and video games. This theme has been inspired by games such as the STALKER and Fallout series and movies like Mad Max, and many others.

Road to Nowhere
I decided to follow the main roads, if I'm to find and remnants of civilisation that'll probably be my best bet for now. After a few days I arrived at a ramp to some sort of highway or overpass, I'm sure it was once busy but now it lies in ruin.. concrete crumbling, torn asunder by "the event". There's a long since abandoned shack here, probably belonged to some homeless hobo, for now though it's empty and at least it's a roof and a bed.

1 bathroom
Studio style bedroom / kitchen
Crumbling elevated road "landscape"

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price: $36,670 (F) / $24,797 (Unf)

Side Notes
This is my second lot in this series, basically it's supposed to be a highway on ramp or some kind of overpass that's been partially destroyed. Mostly this lot is about form rather than function so the living area is minimal, though the washing machine, bath tub, TV and couches around the "yard" are actually usable. The vehicles also should be usable (I only tested one) and should return to their current position as they are all on the parking spot objects.

Have done some basic testing, everything that should be usable is so far as I could tell (even the washing machine in the ditch). The pseudo junked cars should all be drivable and return to the same spots they are in, I only tested one that's up on the raised road and "inaccessible" if you try to walk next to it (since one works I assume the others will too).

If you let your sims wander around and do their own thing you may notice notice the "Cannot walk there" sign pop up a few times, I believe this is because they're trying to view objects that are out of reach up on the raised road.

Custom Content
As before, I try to use as little CC as possible in my lots but this piece was just too perfect a fit to not use..
Wrecked Roofing - by Srikandi

Other free content used..
Riverview - some buy / build items that come with the town
Various content from World Adventures, Ambitions and High-End Loft Stuff (mix of standard and special content accessed via cheat codes).

If anyone has issues with items in the screenshots not showing up in game, please let me know as I do have some EA Store content loaded (it's all free stuff though).

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: $36,670

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to..
Srikandi - for the awesome Wrecked Roofing.
QBuilderz - for his video tutorials for Geoblending and Acrostacking.