No More Super-Skinnies - distressed straight-leg jeans for Y(AF)

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2010 at 3:06 PM


Most of the jeans available for (young) adults in the game are either flared, super-skinny, or insanely low-waisted. I lamented the fact that a 'normal' straight-legged pair of jeans did not exist for our sims, and sought to find one that suited my tastes.

And I found it - in an unexpected place. EA had included a pair of straight-legged jeans with the base game, hidden in the career category. Unfortunately, it only came in one style: ripped. I decided to unlock it, retexture it, and...voila! I haven't shared anything with the Sims 3 community yet, so this will be my first upload for TS3. (:


- Available for Young Adult/Adult Females
- 1 Recolourable Channel (changes the colour of the jeans)
- Found in the Casual (everyday) and Career categories


- medium/high waist
- straight-legged style (the thighs/calves aren't constricted, as they are in skinny jeans)
- "bootyliciousness"
- should not replace the original career jeans

Included in the download are 3 premade pairs. One of them is the original Maxis ripped style in a lighter colour; the other two are my edits.


Requires Base Game only.
Tested with WA+HELS+Ambitions, version 1.14/2.9/3.5/4.2. Should work with previous versions.

Additional Credits:
Black hair: anubis for conversion, raon for mesh, pooklet for textures.
Plain shirt: stelra at gardenofshadows.

Delphy for his CTU, without which this would not have been possible; the creators of s3pe; Pescado for his decrapifier.