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Layered Shirts V2

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2010 at 2:38 PM
Updated: 8th Jul 2011 at 3:59 PM

Here's new version of my layered shirts or I call it Layered Shirts V2.
You can see version 1 I made last year here and here.
Anyway, I'm using Aikea's Default Replacement Slimmed T-Shirt to make these shirts
so you need to download it first if you want them to look like in pics.
You can get the mesh here
These shirts will still show up in your game
eventhough you don't have the mesh but they won't look slim like in pics.

+ You can get the plain version of this shirt here. +

Enjoy and Happy Simming!

SET 1 & 2

Young Adult & Adult
Everyday l Sleepwear l Athletic
3 Recolorable Parts - 2 Alpha Channels
Sleeves - Shirt - Neckline



Models by Me:

Adam l Ashton l Dexter
Ethan l Fallen l Hayden
Jiro l Tyler l Viktor

Custom Content by Me:

Skinny Jeans

Custom Content I Used:

Brows - Blush - Skin by Subaxi
Jiro's Skin by Aikea
Facial Hairs by Kitty Klan
Eyes by Escand
Eye Lashes by Arisuka
Piercing by Astray Sims
Cross Earrings by Lemon Leaf
Adam by Peggy, Ashton by Savio, Dexter by Club NetShow
Ethan by TumTum, Fallen by TumTum, Hayden by Cazy
Jiro by Aikea, Tyler by Anubis360, Viktor by Bosie
Pattern by Ravenessa

Additional Credits:
Aikea for the mesh CTU Team for the tool
All creators above for creating cool CC. Thankies!
My Boys for modelling these shirts for me <333