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3 Mens Trenchcoat Outfits & Graphic Tess For Males (YA/A)

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2010 at 10:35 PM
Updated: 8th Jul 2011 at 4:00 PM

Hi guys!

So here are some new outfits that I've been working on and off for about a month or so.
The mesh is not mine but EsmeraldaF who made that in the first place.
(I l o v e it and I think it has a lot of potential)

Anyway, I've asked her permission to make some new outfits with her mesh and she not only allowed me to but she also helped me when I got problems with the texture, etc.

Now I'm finally able to release these outfits. Yay! :P
Without her help this project would be impossible to finish.
So I really owe Ez (EsmeraldaF) many thanks. All credits go to her.

(What do you think, Ez? Not bad, huh? *High Five*)

Ok, I'm done with the rambling. Now let's get into business.
But first thing first, you must download the mesh and save it to your mods folder before you download these outfits.


Do not ever delete or move the default mesh from your mods folder
unless you want these outfits to look (really) bad in your game.
Just delete the files and re-download the new ones to make the textures look back normal.
Ok I already warn you so don't come crying to me if things I mentioned above happens in your game.

That's the boring part.

Now you wanna know the fun part?

Well, like the title said you got 3 new outfits plus 3 graphic tees.
The trenchcoats 1 & 2 are just outfits with some recolorable parts on them.
But the trenchcoat 3 has 3 more additions to it.
So it comes with 1 Default shirt (plain) plus 3 with graphics, in total there's 4 in one row.

What, you don't like the graphics and you just want the plain one?
Well, too bad cause you have to do it by yourself with CTU tool.
Sorry but I don't want to clutter up your CAS with separated outfits.

All textures are done by me except the coat part. I only modified a little to make it look sharp and more detailed. And yes I'm aware the outifts 1 & 2 necklines are a bit lower than regular shirt. I did that on purpose.
Who said only female sims can show the chest?
Our male sims can do the same too! (oh yeah baby! xD)

Now let's see the pics. Shall we?

Mens Trenchcoat Outfit 1

Young Adult & Adult Males
Everyday l Formal l Career
3 Recolorable Parts
Coat - Shirt - Pants

Mens Trenchcoat V Neck Shirt

Young Adult & Adult Males
Everyday l Formal l Career
4 Recolorable Parts
Coat - Neckline - Shirt - Pants

Mens Trenchcoat Outfit 3
Graphic Tees

Young Adult & Adult Males
Everyday l Formal l Career
3 Recolorable Parts
Coat - Shirt - Pants

Enjoy and Happy Simming, Y'all!

Models by Me:

Cedrix 'Baby Face'
The 'sexy' guy is from the game (d'oh)

Custom Content by Me:

Fully Recolorable Scarf

Custom Content I Used:

Original Trenchcoat on 'sexy' guy
by EsmeraldaF

Default & Non Default Skin
by Subaxi
Brows & Blush by Subaxi
Chinstrap by KittyKlan
Eyes by Sims2Time
Lipgloss by Channy & Vivin

Hairs by
Aikea, Anubis & TumTum Simiolino

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
(Thank you so much, dear! You are Amazing!) CTU Team for the tool
All creators above for creating cool CC. Thankies!
My Boys <3
(Cedrix, Ethan & Gabriel)