Gwrych March Set Three: 2 HOTEL Lots

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***********************WELCOME TO GWRYCH MARCH!**********************

*****************GWRYCH MARCH SET THREE: 2 HOTEL LOTS*****************

General Gwrych March Notes:
Welcome BACK to Gwrych! There are 27 lots divided between 4 Posts. Post 1 has 6 Residential Lots. Post 2 has 6 Residential Cottages (13 downloads). Post 3 has 2 Hotel Lots. Post 4 has 6 Community Lots.The lots in this collection are mainly EDITED versions of lots from the "A Small Kingdom" collection. They have been revised with MEDIEVAL decor using ALL EPs and STUFF PACKS as well as User Created Custom Content. Also, I've included several alternative versions of stoves, trash cans, dishwashers, trash compactors and sewing machines in these lots. Each FURNISHED residential lot in this collection has an invisible smoke alarm and I've hidden the burglar alarm behind furniture or inside barrels. So, please be sure to play test your lots to discover where everything is and what everything does. Each lot should contain all your Sims need to live!

While the Gwrych Kingdom and Duchy lots were moreso designed for the upper nobility, the Gwrych March and Barony are designed for the lower nobility and the lower classes. The buildings will be a bit more worn and fitting to the lower classes. Even within the hovel community, there is a ranking system for the houses.

There is no "separate" objects download zip for the Gwrych "March" Collection (as I included in the original Gwrych post of 45 lots). All objects are included in the lots. The zip folders also contain Maxis/EA recolors that do not automatically zip with the lots. Be sure to include add these objects to your Downloads folder. I also encourage allowing the objects you download in this collection to override older versions of the objects shared in the original Gwrych post (45 lots), as some of the objects used have been updated.

The lots in the Gwrych March were designed for my "GWRYCH NEIGHBORHOOD MAP 4" found in Post 2 HERE. Of course you are free to use another Neighborhood Map, but keep in mind that the Beach Lots (in the upcoming Barony set shares this map) may not show properly in neighborhoods they were not designed for. Please keep this in mind. See the following image to set-up you Gwrych March Neighborhood.

NOTE: The above image is also in the last zip of each set in this collection for your convenience.

Lastly...for those of you who cannot download this collection for one reason or another, please understand that these lots are also represented in the "A SMALL MODERN KINGDOM" collection found HERE. However, "A Small Kingdom" lots are decorated using Maxis/EA only furnishings and objects, therefore it is moreso a "Modern Meets Medieval" collection.

Please enjoy the downloads and happy Simming!


Gwrych March Set Three: 2 HOTEL Lots

This set includes the following lots:


March Manor House (HOTEL)

Lot Information -
Lot Size: 3 x 3
Lot Cost: 0 Simoleons (Community Hotel Lot)
Hotel Suite Price Range: 576 -1430 Simoleons
Suite 1 - 576 Simoleons
Suite 2 - 941 Simoleons
Suite 3 - 1,340 Simoleons
Suite 4 - 1,430 Simoleons
Total Suites Available: 4
Total Bathtubs/Showers: 5
Total Toilets: 6

Details about the Hotel Rooms:

Small Parlour/Dinette Area, 1 Bedroom (2 Single Beds), 1 Bathroom with Tub and Toilet

Small Parlour/Dinette Area, 1 Bedroom (Double Bed), 1 Bathroom with Toilet, Shower and Separate Tub

Small Parlour/Dinette Area, 2 Bedrooms (1 Double Bed, 1 with 2 Single Beds), 1 Bathroom with Tub and Toilet

Small Parlour/Dinette Area, 2 Bedrooms (1 Single Bed Each), 1 Bathroom with Tub and Toilet

Lot Description:
This Manor House Hotel includes 4 Hotel Suites. The lower level includes a parlour, a dining room (RESTAURANT) and a kitchen. There is a small pond on the property and a variety of activities (including darts, ax throwing and chess). Each Suite has a tub and toilet and there are 2 community toilets on the first level (TOTAL TOILETS 6; TOTAL BATHS/SHOWERS 5).


March Terrace Row House (HOTEL)

Lot Size: 3 x 1
Lot Cost: 0 Simoleons (Community Hotel Lot)
Hotel Suite Price Range: 1,377 - 1,596 Simoleons
Suite 1 - 1,377 Simoleons
Suite 2 - 1,596 Simoleons
Total Bathtubs/Showers: 2
Total Toilets: 3

Lot Description:
This lot includes common areas (with various activities like piano playing, a cards, darts, chess and a barbecue area). There are also 2 cozy apartments. The first apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom and sleeps 3 Sims. The kitchen and living room are a common area space. The second apartment has a separate kitchen and living room with 1 bedroom and a full bathroom.


Please read this if you are having problems AFTER entering a lot or are receiving an error message about "counters without doors". Otherwise, view this as general information about Gwrych lots.

Apparently, you CANNOT use "move objects on" to place objects on the back of a counter where there is a kitchen sink. In some of my Gwrych lots, I found an error with placing sponges in the back corner of counters that have kitchen sinks. Initially, I thought it was that sponges could not be placed on counters where there is a kitchen sink, but have since discovered that no objects should share the counter tile when there is a sink in the counter. If you have found you were receiving a counter error when entering a Gwrych lot with a Sim...there may be objects sharing kitchen sink counter space (like the hour glass, sponge, plant or jars) that I overlooked in the process of fixing this problem. Please understand that this may NOT be the issue if your game is constantly crashing. It is just one possible solution I offer. Testing the Gwrych lots on different computers has resulted in ALL Gwrych lots being playable from this end. As errors are encountered during game play, solutions are also sought. If you are only having problems with a few lots, this may (or may not) be part of the problem. To fix this problem, all you need to do is to load a new version of the lot, enter it WITHOUT A SIM and delete any objects that are sharing a counter with a kitchen sink. Also, if you notice there seems to be no sink in an area where there should be one (especially bathrooms and kitchens)...try adding a sink to the empty counters. If you cannot place a sink on a counter, that counter should be deleted and put back in the game before adding a sink. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Remember, enter the lot WITHOUT a Sim to make changes.

Adding clutter to the back slots of counters that do not have a kitchen sink appear to work just fine. So clutter away on counters without sinks!


Custom Content of Maxis Recolours (Included In Download Zips)
- Nightlife Black Stove Recolour by Ailias
- Darkwood Easel Recolour by alidarivera
- Dark Mahogany Toy Box by amariswiccan
- Spring Onion Tavern Recolours (Juice Rack and Poker Table) by Amythestfenix at Parsimonious Sims 2s
- Maxis Card Table Recolours by BillySIMS139
- Maxis Telephone Wood 1 Recolour by BillySIMS139
- Sun King Dresser Grey Wood Recolour by BillySIMS139
- Maxis Just A Door Wood 3 Recolour by corvidophile2
- Dark Wood Furniture (Chest of Drawers, Table and Chair) Recolours by DLMulsow
- Podium Recolor 3 by girlfromverona
- Hearthstone Quilt Recolour 4a by Gwenke33
- Open Me Door Ash Recolour by Kimdelee
- Open Me Window Prairie Recolour by Kimdelee
- Dark Brown Dartboard by Macey246
- Straw Bedding 1 and 3 by Magick Modders
- Darker Pine Cheap Bookcase Recolour by mia86
- Greystone Colonial Fireplace Recolour by mia86
- Fallout Easel and Piano Recolours by Purity Project
- Medieval Shop Signs (Horn of Plenty and Boot) by sunni9676
- Invisibles (Sewing Machine, Trash Compactor, Mini-fridge and Dish Washer) by Sophie-David
- Hovel Wood Double Bedframe 2 Recolour by roseisred

Custom Content by Me:
- Beach Grass Terrain
- Moss Brick Terrain
- Stone in Grass Terrain
- 18 Medieval Walls
- 8 Hovel Walls

Custom Content Included Lots:
- Fur Rug Recolour by 15pupmaus49
- Gray Edge Smoother by Ailias
- Merry-making Dining Table (Ailias 1 Tile Variance) by Ailias
- Cracker Barrel Chess Table by Aligeth
- Sack Chair by Berg
- Egyptian Decorative Vases and Recolours by Blackys Sims Zoo
- Coco's Quiltshop Fabric Bolt 3, Pin Cushion and Quarter Fabrics by Cocomama
- Light Straw Roof by corvidophile2
- Medieval Awnings by Crocobaura
- Wallpaper Mask & Recolours by The Dark Project
- Darkwood Floor and Wall by DL_Muslow
- Medieval Cupboard Counter and Recolour 1 by Edta
- Wood Pile by feeEssen
- Mysterious Tome & Recolours by The Guild Masters
- Dark Pelt 4 Rug by The Guild Masters
- Wall Mask 1 Pelts 2 and 4 by The Guild Masters
- Handcart and Anno Farm Tools (Ax and Pitchfork) by Hexameter
- Banya Wooden Ladle and Wall Broom by Jeka
- Stone Slab Sofa by Khakidoo-MTS2
- Mortar and Pestle by Lethe_s
- Targa's SupaFridge - Larger Capacity by Lord Darcy at MTS2
- Leucotheo and Rhododendron Plants by macarossi
- Pelt 3 Rug by Magick Modders
- Antique Cooking Fireplace MESH and Recolour 3 by -Maylin-
- Lantern - Red Mesh & Black Recolour by -Maylin-
- Old Coffee Maker by -Maylin-
- Antique Bread Roll Basket by mdhttr323
- 3x4 Floor Rug by Nicolafred
- "Community Pay Phone Cover" and Rustic Recolour by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Mottleweed" Witches Broomstick by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Oggs & Ends" Coffee Table by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Pirate Bay" Build Set (Windows & Doors) by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Pirate Bay" Counter Island by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Sultana" Bowl, Jug and Vase by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Woodcutter" Kitchen Bathtub by Parsimonious Sims 2
- Fallout High-Rise Painting by Purity Project
- The Invisible Window by Rebecah
- Ye Olde Cooper Barrel Collection (Barrel & Bucket Trashcans, Surfaces, Seating, Decoratives, Content & Recolours) by Sophie-David
- Stone Age Grill (Steinzeit) by Speedymaus 22 at Blacky
- Medieval Bathroom Toilet, Sink and Mirror by Tarox
- Medieval Dining Bench by Tarox
- Stack of Dishes by Tarox
- Wagon by Tarox
- Medieval Column 2 and Dark Wood Recolour by UK1967
- Open Me Tall Window by windkeeper
- Crystal Ball TV by wintermuteai1
- Crystalsphere Personal Conjurer (PC) by xanathon

************************ENJOY THE DOWNLOADS!************************