Bruno's Lullaby Sleepwear as afbodynightgown Default

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Uploaded: 5th Oct 2010 at 8:05 PM
Updated: 5th Oct 2010 at 9:44 PM - clarification

My first upload ^__^ This file will replace the three Maxis nightgowns with the yellow, pink, and white colours of Bruno's Lullaby Sleepwear.

The mesh Bloom_SundressMaxisBlockfeet is included in the package. It's a de-shoed version of the Maxis Sundress.

It will only replace the Adult Female version of the nightgown- the elder versions will retain the old mesh and textures.
Please make sure you don't already have a replacement for this outfit in your downloads or else it won't work properly!


-Bruno for the nighties, BlooM for the mesh

Model Hair:

-Nouk's Donna Ponytail
-XM sims 61 recolour by Sango_91@MTS
-Maxis Basegame

Additional Credits:

-le-plat-du-jour for the defaulting tutorial
-the creators of SimPE